• Track Price: 15¢
  • Min Top Up: $14.95
  • Album Discount: 20%
  • Registration Bonus: 30¢ free
  • Music Library: 3,658,713
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  • Our Option: Exceptional
for MP3va

With one of the largest collections of MP3s around, MP3VA is the place to go for not only your everyday popular tracks and artists, but also for the hard to find artists that most other sites won't even carry. While their prices are on the higher end compared to some other sites, there is no denying the size and quality of the collection. And there's no denying that there are many ways to bring your overall cost down to make downloading MP3s at MP3VA even more reasonable than it already is.

MP3VA is one of the rare MP3 downloading sites that have been around for quite a while, as they've been doing this since 2007 and keep a strong customer base by having good prices, great promotions and excellent customer service to make people want to stay with them. Not too many other sites can boast those claims. The site is colorful and easy to navigate, with a lot of album pictures and ways to get around the site without having to do a lot of clicking. That not only includes what they feature strongest on the site, but also includes various world top 10 and top 100 charts, upcoming albums, what's new on their site, what's hot, and what the best sellers on. This is also where they'll give you new information on promotions that they're currently having too.

The numbers don't lie, as MP3VA is one of the rare sites that has over 4 million tracks. They currently have 4,026,095 tracks, spanning across 166,000+ artists and over 352,000 albums. Signing up for the site is easy, with you only needing to supply your email address and a password to get started. You can set up your profile with more detailed information inside. When you sign up, you get 30 cents deposited into your account so you can pick two free tracks to download. That's enough to get you hooked when you check out their collection and the quality of the audio files that they have.

When you're ready to do some serious downloading, you can start making a deposit with your Visa or Mastercard. They do not have an option for Paypal unlike some other sites, but don't let that discourage you from signing up and depositing. The minimum is $15 to deposit and to purchase, but there are bonus incentives if you deposit more. Depositing $30 will get you a $10 bonus, $50 will get you a $35 bonus, and $100 gets you a matching $100 bonus. That's great if you do a lot of downloading, and with how many tracks and albums they have here, it's easy to do a lot of downloading. And as an incentive to buy full albums, they give a 20% off discount on albums to drive the cost down even more. So you can see, there are a lot of ways to improve your bottom line here.

The biggest question people have is, will it work on my MP3 players and computers? Because the tracks are DRM free, everything at MP3VA will work on all of your devices without special software or anything like that. You can easily import the tracks into iTunes or any other music library you have. Also, you can transfer them to any iPod or music player with ease, like you would any other music track. They even have detailed instructions on how to transfer music to your iPods and how to burn CDs with the tracks too. The song qualities vary from 128kbps to 320kbps, so check to see what you're downloading first before you make your purchase. As you can see, MP3VA gives you the tools to build a massive music collection, at a decent price that gets better with their promotions and discounts.

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