• Track Price: 10ยข
  • Min Top Up: $15.00
  • Album Discount: 20%
  • Registration Bonus: 2 Free Tracks
  • Music Library: 2,393,091
  • Payment Methods:
  • Our Option: Exceptional
for MP3Million

MP3Million won't cost you a million to download their songs, with cheap tracks at 10 cents a song. But their music library is in the millions, as they boast over 3 million tracks and new songs and albums being added all the time.

MP3Million's website is completely revamped to not only look more pleasing to the eye, but to give you easy ways to search and download tracks and full albums. They easily sort their collection and give you multiple ways of viewing it, including new albums, soundtracks, top charts from all over the world, and of course splitting it up by various genres.

All the help guides are here and set up well so you can get started right away. They spell out how to browse the site, how to pay, how to preview, how to use the tracks after you purchase them, and how to store and use them on various players. Since there are a lot of people who are unsure as to how to use these types of sites and where to start, it's good that they have everything spelled out for you.

MP3Million offers many different ways to make payments to the site. You can use a Visa, Mastercard or a Maestro card to make payments, and you can also use Paypal. The minimum amount to add to your account is $15, but you get lots of bonuses for adding more to the account. If you add a $30 deposit, you get a $15 bonus. $50 will get you a $50 bonus, and $100 will get you a $125 bonus. When you sign up with MP3Million, you also get two song downloads for free, so there are a lot of ways you can enjoy some bonuses here.

Overall, the tracks are 10 cents each, although they do have some that are cheaper. The album prices are based on the total amount of tracks on it, and have various discounts as well, some in the 20% and up range. Compared to lots of other sites, this makes it quite beneficial to download from this site.

What else makes MP3Million stand out from the pack is the amount of tracks that they have on their site. The number currently stands at 3,185,412, with over 270,000 albums too. That means that what you're looking for, you're bound to find here. And since they have their search functions and categorization set up so easily, you can navigate and get what you want quick, cheap and on your computer ready to be played.

Their preview section isn't like most sites either, in a good way. You can listen to a long preview of each song (in a lower quality than what you would be downloading), so you know exactly what you're getting. This is especially good for albums, when you want to make sure you'll actually like what else is on the album before making the choice to download the whole thing.

All of the tracks at MP3Million are DRM free, so you can play them on anything that can play MP3s. All of their tracks are high quality and high bitrates too, so they'll sound good on anything you choose to play it on. They will work with your iPod, iTunes, phones, MP3 players, or anything you would use to play MP3 tracks on your computer. You can even burn them to CDs and listen through your home stereos or portable CD players. It's simple, easy to use, and gets you exactly what you want; high quality MP3 tracks and albums at affordable prices. That's why MP3Million is so sought after.

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