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  • Min Top Up: $10.00
  • Album Discount: 0%
  • Registration Bonus: None
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  • Our Option: Exceptional
for Mp3Caprice

MP3Caprice is one of those MP3 download sites that offers a great mix of everything to put together a high quality site for you. They have a decent per track price, some good promotions, and have a great site that's easy to navigate and looks good browsing through and looking at. Their collection boasts a bunch of new artists and albums, along with many older tracks and albums from your favorite artists, and lots of lesser-known bands and singers too. And since their search and categorization is so intuitive, it's easy to see whether or not they have exactly what you're looking for.

MP3Caprice is a site that automatically looks easy to use even before you start navigating and shopping around. They do a great job of giving you lots to look at, whether you're browsing all of the album covers, checking out compilations or soundtracks, or seeing the charts or what's new. You shop with your eyes, so why wouldn't you want to be able to see what you're getting into? The interface is clean and easy to go from browsing to searching.

Most sites offer up an incentive for joining, but MP3Caprice doesn't offer any freebies with signing up. But just because you're not getting a few cents automatically when you sign up doesn't mean you're not getting a value here at MP3Caprice like you would at other sites. First off, their track price is 12 cents per track. This is pretty much right in the middle of most of the sites out there, but it gets better once the promotions are factored in. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and you automatically get $1 for free. But if you deposit $25, you get a $5 bonus. Even better, a $50 deposit gets you $20, and a $100 deposit gets you $50! Also, you can earn free tracks from the site by reviewing your favorite albums. They review your reviews and offer up to $2 as a reward for good writing, which you could use for more tracks. And it's unlimited! That makes up a lot for not having album discounts as well. You can use your Visa or Mastercard to make a deposit. And through their tell-a-friend program, you can get friends to sign up with your link and you can get a bonus from that as well when your friends sign up under you and make a deposit. You can receive $10 to your bonus account when they do!

The biggest thing that sets MP3Caprice apart from most other sites is that all of their tracks are 320kbps. You notice a difference when you play it through your computer, your mobile device or iPod, or burn the tracks to a CD. And because the tracks are DRM free, they'll work on every device you decide to put it on. It's definitely a high quality site that does well to give you more of a value than other sites, with high quality audio tracks you're going to love.

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