• Track Price: 10ยข
  • Min Top Up: $20.00
  • Album Discount: 20%
  • Registration Bonus: 10 Free Songs
  • Music Library: 2,643,869
  • Payment Methods:
  • Our Option: Exceptional
for MelodiShop

Get used to thinking in multiples of 10, because that is what MelodiShop is all about. They have millions of tracks that are 10 cents a track. They give you 10 free tracks when you sign up so you can get things started. They give you $10 free when you deposit $30, and bigger bonuses with bigger deposits. At some point during the day, the amount of tracks will be in a multiple of 10 too, because they're constantly updating their collection that's around 3,000,000 tracks.

Melodi Shop makes everything about as clean as possible when it comes to signing up and getting started at their site. When you set up your email address and password with them, they automatically give you 10 free songs to download. You can figure out the quality and the ease of using the site right away before even depositing any money into your account.

Getting access to the site, you find out real quick how easy it is to not only find exactly what you're looking for here, but to browse and shop like you're at a real music store. On their main page, they have many different ways to browse their large collection. In a matter of a few clips, you could be looking at their bestsellers, the newest albums and tracks, the top of the charts in the US and across the world, as well as checking out various soundtracks and compilations. Searching and browsing the results are set up a lot like a search engine, but you can also put up filters to narrow down exactly what you want. With all the cover art and the way they present the results, you'll feel compelled to browse around and check out the various genres here too.

The tracks at MelodiShop are 10 cents per track, which is on the low end compared to many other sites out there. And if it wasn't good enough, there are many different ways that you can drive the cost down even further. First off, they have sales on tracks and albums sometimes, and you can even check those out on their own. When you buy an album, they give you a 20% discount on the total cost, which goes a long way in making people decide to buy albums instead of single tracks. When you go to deposit money into your account, the minimum deposit is $20. But if you deposit $30 at one time, they give you $10 free to use on the site. If you deposit $50, you get a $20 bonus. And if you deposit $100, you get a full $50 bonus to use. They offer new promotions all the time too, so it's good to keep an eye on what's new at the site. You can pay using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or your Maestro card, and you can also make purchases using your mobile phone.

Like a lot of sites out there, Melodi Shop offers previews of their 3,000,000 or so tracks. Within your account, you can actually choose between hearing full length previews of songs in low quality, or high quality previews that are 60 seconds long. That's a great way to find out just what you're getting into if you decide to download a full album instead of just one or two tracks. The tracks here are offered in MP3 format at a 320kbps bitrate. They also just started offering FLAC format audio as well, which is a very high quality copy of the original audio data, and gives you an amazing sound. These are a little more expensive than the MP3 tracks, but the sound is second to none. All of the MP3s here are DRM free, and you can use them on all of your various devices, like iPods, MP3 players, mobile smartphones, as well as computers and laptops. With a lower price per track and great ways to get a better value for high quality MP3s, Melodi Shop is definitely a site to check out.

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