• Track Price: 16¢
  • Min Top Up: $16.00
  • Album Discount: 0%
  • Registration Bonus: 32¢ free
  • Music Library: 1,595,223
  • Payment Methods:
  • Our Option: Exceptional
for Iomoio

With a thorough change in how their site looks and how you can navigate through the collection, Iomoio is trying to set itself apart from the pack in terms of MP3 downloading sites by offering many different ways to browse and search their vast collection of tracks and albums, including lots of information on top charts and upcoming albums. But with a more expensive per track charge, will it stand up to the rest?

The new design of the Iomoio website really makes it stand out with how organized it looks and how easy it seems to go through the collection and find what you need, or find new music and albums as you're shopping. It makes it a lot like a store with great graphics and album covers that make it easy on the eyes and keeps people browsing around the site and possibly buying more that they wouldn't even discover on other sites. Even though the site isn't one of the cheapest out there, they try hard to make it worth your while to pick their site over many other sites that are out there.

Like most of the MP3 download sites out there, Iomoio has a sign up incentive where they give you enough money in your account for 2 tracks. When you join up, you'll have 32 cents in your account, so now you now that the tracks are 16 cents each. That's a good amount of money for each track compared to other sites out there. There are promotions and discounts here and there that will make the bottom line cheaper than that though. The minimum to deposit is $16, but you get many bonuses for depositing more. $32 will get you $16 free, $48 will get you $32 free, and $96 will get you $96 free. You can make payments with your Visa or Mastercard, or through Paypal as well. The balances don't expire either. Right now there aren't any discounts on full albums though. The album prices are set as to how many tracks there are on the album.

Currently there are 2,123,484 tracks and 185,995 albums on the site, with many more added often. You can easily use the search bar to find exactly what you want, whether it is a single track or an album. Not only that, but they have many collections that you can browse, whether it's soundtracks, new albums, coming soon, best sellers, or any number of popular charts from around the world. Or you can simply browse the artists page and see a listing of what they have to offer.

The tracks are all DRM free, and can be played on any device that plays MP3s, including your iPods and other mobile devices, as well as your computer. The quality of the music files range from 168kbps to 320kbps, which both give you great sound and sound that will carry well through any of your devices, including if you burn them to CD and use them in your stereo or car. Each of the tracks has a preview that will allow you to hear what's in the song, which is perfect for deciding if you want a single track or a full album. The previews are 60 seconds, with 20 second pieces of the song from different spots bound together in one preview. The preview is a lower quality file, so know that your music will sound better when you download it. Iomoio also give great information about how to play your files, download them, and put them on various devices, which really helps the novice MP3 user not only purchase and download the tracks from the site, but be able to use them as well. So even though their price may be higher than other sites, Iomoio does a lot to bring up the value of their site as well.

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